IDS provides the LOWEST PRICES for Force, Torque and Ergonomic test measurement equipment in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions.

We carry a full-line of Mark-10 Products, a US-based manufacturer of force, torque, ergonomic gauges, test stands, gripping fixtures, and accessories, which are used in every major industry, worldwide.


Force Gages

Force Testers


Torque Gages

Torque Testers

In addition to offering the lowest prices, we also provide a full complement of services, including:

  • FREE UPS Ground shipping on orders over $1,200.
  • Discounted Annual Calibration Service plans, where the first year is FREE!
  • “Special Pricing” for volume purchases.
  • Application engineering design services – no charge.
  • Pre-purchase sample product testing – no charge.
  • Highest level of off-site and on-site technical support.
  • Customized test system solutions that meet your specific needs.
  • Custom-designed gripping fixtures.
  • On-site installation support plus routine follow-up to insure test results meet specified requirements.

Our test system knowledge and experience spans numerous industries and applications:

Adhesives Glues, Labels, Epoxies, Bonding Agents, Laminates
Aerospace Avionic Devices, Brakes, Springs, Interior Materials
Automotive Seat Belts, Door Seals, Air Bags, Dashboard Controls
Chemical Ion Exchange Beads, Polymers, Talcs, Orbs
Communications Cell Phones, Relays, Antenna, Components, Springs
Containers (Paper, Corrugated, etc.) Crush, Structural, Tear, Warp, Seal Strength, Labels
Cosmetics Sprays, Creams, Lipsticks, Aerosols, Lotions, Texture
Dental Adhesives, Crown & Implants, Dentifrices, Syringes
Electrical Wire Strength, Terminal Retention, Connectors, Torque
Electronics / Computers Keyboards & Pads, Micro-switches. IC Board, Wires
Foods / Agricultural Texture, Crispness, Penetration, Packaging, Firmness
General Mfg. / Assembly Fasteners, Press-fits, Torque, Springs, Connectors
Household Products Aerosols, Child-resistant Pkg., Pesticides, Utensils
Medical & Surgical Devices Syringes, Catheters, Valves, Stents, Needles, Blades
Metals Springs, Welds, Shear Strength, Fasteners, Torsion
Packaging Films, Blister Paks, Seals, COF, Score Bend, Crush
Pet Products Foods, Toys, Restrainers, Snaps, Travel Cages
Pharmaceutical Tablet Crush, Peel, Caplets, Bottles, Vials, Seals
Physical Therapy / Rehab Ergonomics, Push-Pull, Lift, Twist, Grip
Plastics, Films & Molding Resins, Cups, Foams, Card Laminates, Seals, Utensils
Rubber Sealing Systems, Protective Wear, Tires, Elastics
Textiles Wovens & Non-Wovens, Yarns, Elastics, Fasteners

Our products are the most cost-effective in the Test & Measurement Industry and carry an industry-leading 3-YEAR WARRANTY.

We are the most experienced distributor in the force and torque measurement industry and have installed and designed more than 1,000 test systems.